“Like Rachel in The Park, I see the fascinating ways Holy Spirit is always pursuing me. My prayer for you is that as you read this book, you would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your own heart and life.”




Rachel D’Angelo’s had her fair share of heartache and disappointment. This last go around is no exception; but, pain, sorrow, and loss can be the very thing needed to push a person into their divine destiny. From a childhood encounter on her fire escape in Queens to the hospital bedside of the one she’s relied on most… He’s been there.

Now, sitting on a park bench in her place of refuge, Rachel’s confronted with the revelation: He’s been with her all along. Wiping the tears away, she’s finally ready to receive His love. At a time when the Holy Spirit of God is absent from most conversations, The Park will get the dialogue started. He is there, you know… waiting for you!

The Park will compel you to tell your story and pass it along to those who need Him most.


Praise for "The Park"

He is friend, He is comforter, He is counselor, He is closer than any brother, He is beloved and in this exciting story the characters are not the only people who meet Him, you will too!
— Shawn Bolz (Author of “Translating God” and “Growing Up With God")

The goodness of theHoly Spirit is revealed over and over in this book as Tammy writes out of such a close and personal relationship with Him.
— Julie Meyer (Santa Maria House of Prayer)

Tammy leads by example. All of my time, prayer, research, and hard work she put into being a strong healthy women has paid off and truly inspired me.
— CAITLIN CROSBY BENWARD (Singer/Founder of The Giving Keys)

n The Park, Tammy creatively draws the reader into an invitation to know God and to discover His Spirit by sharing a most beautiful and touching story of a little girl named Rachel and her painful journey growing up. Thank you Tammy for this touching contribution that will bless the lies of many.
— PATRICIA KING (Patricia King Ministries)

A constant source of wisdom and joy, Tammy is someone I admire and have come to truly love. The deep well that is within her is made evident by her conversations, actions, encouragements and prophetic insights. It’s clear that she loves, values and has deep passion for Holy Spirit and time spent in the secret place with her savior. Tammy is a carrier of the presence of God. Her love for Him and for people, make her a trustworthy voice and a bright, shining beacon of light and hope in a dark world desperately in need of a savior.
— MICHELLE LUTZ (Song Writer, Worship Pastor)


About the Author

Tammy Hotsenpiller has achieved success as an author, pastor, speaker, and business owner. Yet, even with all these accomplishments, something was still missing.

While in a remote park in South Africa Tammy had an encounter that changed her life forever. Alone and discouraged she cried out to God and heard Him gently whisper the words, “Tammy, I love what you love – because I love you. I am the Holy Spirit.”

Tammy and her husband reside in Orange County, CA, where she encourages others daily to tell their story.


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