“Collinsville is a powerful story of how the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of our hearts to see people and situations that would otherwise go unseen. ”




Relocating to Collinsville following the death of her Aunt Cali, Rachel D' Angelo said, "I do" to the man of her dreams...but little does she know, the honeymoon is to be short lived. Evil is lurking around the corner, looking for a way in. The sweet town of Collinsville has never been anything but perfect. That is until Rachel took matters into her own hands. Led down a path of poor choices, single-mindedly seeking her deepest desire, Rachel's life is turned upside-down. Blinded by her heart's obsession and unable to discern between good and evil, Rachel is confronted with choice she never thought possible. Daily, our decisions determine our future. Has Rachel's selfish wish invited evil into the idyllic town of Collinsville? 


Praise for "cOLLINSVILLE"

Collinsville is a wonderful reminder of the need to truly engage the Holy Spirit for guidance in all aspects of life’s journey. Tammy realistically captures the challenges many women face when juggling career, family decisions, and relationships and shows how walking in faith will bring light and clarity in times of darkness and uncertainty. It is uplifting and relatable.
— Carol Kurimsky, Fortune 500 Executive, Wife, and Mother

The call to adopt takes us from the safe and ordinary to the supernatural, where complete dependence on our Heavenly Father through Holy Spirit is required in order to save a life and bring God’s justice to a broken, hurting world. As Collinsville so aptly demonstrates, our Father’s love guides us past all fear to accomplish His desire; to multiply, bring children into our hearts and homes, and love them as He loves us.
— Ted & Sherly Youmans, Attorney at Law, authors, speakers, and Founders of FAMILYBUILDING, a Professional Law Corporation

As a family that has adopted five boys, and with one biological daughter, we are so proud of Tammy for writing Collinsville and being an advocate for abused children. This book, we believe, will be used to educate and enlighten its reader!
— Michael & Ivey Ketterer, adoptive parents

Having personally worked in the legal field representing many families who have embraced adoption, and as an adoptive mother myself, I was truly moved by Tammy’s powerful ability to inspire us to live by faith and seek a life-changing relationship with the Holy Spirit. Collinsville challenges you to boldly face your fears as you put your complete trust in God.
— Danielle Augustin, Esq., Speaker, Author & Founder Partner of

Collinsville tells a compelling story that highlights the very real and controversial issue of human trafficking as a foreign issue that doesn’t directly affect us, but as a Police Officer who has personally investigated human trafficking cases, I know it is a very tragic problem affecting the moral fibers of our society. Collinsville highlights how close this issue can hit home and sheds light on how we can all play a part in ending it.
— merisa downs, police officer-detective, Anaheim, California


About the Author

Tammy Hotsenpiller has achieved success as an author, pastor, speaker, and business owner. Yet, even with all these accomplishments, something was still missing.

While in a remote park in South Africa Tammy had an encounter that changed her life forever. Alone and discouraged she cried out to God and heard Him gently whisper the words, “Tammy, I love what you love – because I love you. I am the Holy Spirit.”

Tammy and her husband reside in Orange County, CA, where she encourages others daily to tell their story.


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