Story Club Packet

Story Club Packet

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  • Story club bag

  • Puzzle piece necklace

  • DVD teachings

  • The Workbook

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Story Club is an opportunity for you and your girlfriends to come together and learn how to tell your story! Similar to a book club, there is a book your group will read.  As you read through the pages of The Park, you will see how major events and even seemingly insignificant moments in life can have a great impact on you.  You will also become keenly aware of how present Holy Spirit is in every detail of your life.  

As you and your friends read The Park and engage in the Story Club workbook you will learn to recognize all the events in your life that have added to your story.  All the moments that have had a significant impact on the woman you are today. Through the 6 weeks you will slowly uncover your own story and learn to express it in a way that will relate to other women.  

This life changing book and workbook will help you to find freedom in telling your story, help you uncover the incredible purpose your story holds, and influence every single woman you open up to about your story.