Tammy's Story

Often our story flows out of someone else’s story. For me it was my mom.
My mother was born in 1930 during the depression to a single mom trying to find happiness. Moving in with a man that could “somewhat” put a little food on the table her mother settled for a life of abuse. Not so much to herself but most certainly for her daughter, for you see, my mother was a victim of child abuse. I think pain is tolerated during crisis. We tend to live with a mindset that when life is hard things are supposed to be unfair.

Life did not get much better for my mom after she was adopted (which is a book in its self.) Her new mother was crippled and not able to do the household chores, cleaning, cooking etc. so it was only fitting for my mother to step in. Life was difficult and very unfair for my mom. The words that were spoken from her stepmother like, “go back to the pit from which you were dug” often resonated in her ear.

Growing up in my home we all knew my mother had been adopted. My sweet grandfather had remarried after his 1st wife died (the mean one) and all I knew was a good relationship with my family. When I was in my early teens my mother sat her four daughters down and began to tell us her story. To be honest it broke my heart. To think a child had to go through the hurt and pain of rejection, abandonment, abuse, and embarrassment would break any heart. But this was my mom. This was her pain. How could someone go through all the heartache that my mother endured and never show a sign of the damage done to her? I’ll tell you how. Jesus.

For you see one day my momma met my sweet daddy at a Christian youth event where she witnessed the love and forgiveness of God. And her whole life changed that day. Not that there wasn’t still work to be done in the department of love, trust, fear, and rejection? But now she had and recourses to handle the crisis. A God that led her and a man that loved her. My mothers story could have turned out much different had she not chosen to accept the love and forgiveness of her heavenly Father. I am a product of a woman that said the enemy stops here, he stops now, he will not have power over my story therefore he will not have power over my children.

We get to choose the future of our story. How we forgive, how we love, how we lead are all parts of our story. And those that follow in our steps will have the legacy we leave. I am the woman, pastor, coach and optimist I am today because of my mother. I like to tell the women I coach “until you step out of your shoes you cannot step into new shoes.”

Do you need to step out of something today?
Do you need a new story?
Do you need to move forward into your future?

My story would not be my story without my mom. Who is in your story?

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There is power in every part of your journey. When you embrace your story and share it it brings purpose to your life and freedom to others.