What's Your Dream?

Tammy has coached everyone from Fortune 500 CEOs to Hollywood producers to stay at home moms. Every woman she has coached has one thing in common: they were put on a pathway to success toward accomplishing their dream. Tammy’s power and unique coaching style empowers women in who they are and who God created them to be. Tammy’s emphasis on each woman’s story has brought freedom, power and success to thousands of women.


What's Your Story?

There is power in your story! Tammy knows firsthand, when you embrace your story -- with all its twists and turns, ups and downs-- it will bring true freedom. As you walk in the freedom of who you are, and who God created you to be-- you will find purpose. And as you walk in your true purpose you will influence and impact the world in mighty ways.


Begin your journey

The first step in becoming all God created you to be is to complete Tammy's planning tool. This planning tool will help you establish a concrete vision; identify and eliminate obstacles; and ultimately find success. Download Tammy's planning tool here. This tool will set you on the path to success! Whether you want to start a small business; lose 10 pounds; or revive your marriage-- this planning tool will catapult you toward your goal!



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1. Enter in the obstacles keeping you from your goal.

2. Once you enter the obstacles determine the strategies you will use to overcome them.

3. Determine the people who will aide you in your solutions (this does not include yourself. You MUST identify who will help you).

4. Set a deadline for the strategy to be implemented and keep track of the milestones that show your achievements.


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