Eliminate Distractions

My sweet daughter, how I long for this time just you and me with no distractions. I know you hear me I speak to you throughout the day, but those distractions are always around. How I love you and how I desire so much more for you.  All these issues and problems you have just look to me. I’m here and I want you to come to me for your answers.  Do not look to books for I am all knowledge and wisdom. I am the one who is unraveling those twisted thoughts those thoughts of delusion. Let me heal you and give you the mind I desire for you. Oh how I love my children, but the deceptions of this world are so great and full of lavish desire of unfulfilling wealth.  I want to bring simplicity back, just you and me. Come to me and let me fill you and show you my riches and lavish you in my perfect love. The love that has no conditions no limits. Let it pour upon you and you will be filled with my spirit. My spirit will break those shackles which have had you bound for so many years.  let me free you. Look to me. I am bringing you to a place of contentment as you have never known. This is because I simply love you.  I want so much for you my daughter to rest in me and let me fill you.  Let my love flow through your veins.  let me take all your uncertainties and turn them into my knowledge and my loving wisdom. I am bringing you all to a new place of unity. Differences shall disappear.   Unity is what I desire.  Come together in love, pray for each other, Love each other and encourage each other. My love will scratch out all religious sorts and you will see it’s all about me and my love for you not different disciplines and rituals.  It’s all about me Jesus the Great I Am.



Reggie Lloyd-Jones