My daughters how I desire to strengthen you.  This is a time of rejuvenation and refreshing.  Gather together  sharing and rejoicing.   Remember, I allow situations to grow each and every one of you to give you the knowledge of my power and love.  Through these trials and tribulations strength , knowledge and character shall be built.  Take this and move forward.  Share with each other.  You are seeing a new thing coming about.  Do not try to figure it out.  Just inhale and know that I am in the midst of you all.  Look around.  Watch  and see my wonders taking place before your eyes.  These are the fruits of your labor.  There is a time for pruning and then a time for growth and harvest.  The time is now!  Rejoice my love, my precious daughters.  When sharing amongst each other be transparent.  Share your heart your hurts and your blessings.  You see, each and every one of you is uniquely created and special.  There  is no one more precious in my eyes than my beloved daughters.  I have molded and made you all into my image.  Each one of you with a different gift and purpose.  When sharing in this way, you will be able to see my plan unfolding.  Nurture this group.  Gain confidence in me and the knowing that I am your God, your King, your Savior.  I love you so much.  Each of you go through different trials but each trial grows you in the areas needed for your purpose, your calling.  So, do not become overwhelmed. Rejoice and know I will be walking  you through this leading and guiding you if you allow me.  So many choose to chit-chat negatively amongst each other.  If you would only just be still.   know I am your God and I will bring you through with grace and even joy but you must press in.  Trust me and Praise me for this situation.  know I will make all things new and bring good from these circumstances which were meant to cause you harm.  

Romans 8:28  All things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

Reggie Lloyd-Jones