I am your strength.

I have given you the authority, the strength. It is within you because I am within you. At times you feel weak, overwhelmed and powerless. This false! I have given you the power and the strength to overcome these difficult situations. Once you understand and have received this, my peace will consume you. Rest in me. You are my child and I love you. I have so much for you but when you allow your mind to entertain fear and anxiety of what possibly can take place, you hinder my work. Take authority over these thoughts and situations. Stand up, shout out my name, my words. I have given them to you. When you step out of this binding fear, continue to speak my name. I will be there. I will protect you. Darts will not and cannot penetrate this shield I have placed over you. Once you realize how strong you truly are, you will not hesitate to stand up against the enemy and situations which come against you and your family. You must stand!

Reggie Lloyd-Jones