Talk to Me


Daughter,  when you first wake, look to me. Talk to me. I will guide you with your day.  I will help you accomplish what is needed to be done in the most effective and productive way.  So  Many of my children push me aside believing they will  take the time later to seek me.  If they would only realize I will always make your day brighter and more beautiful.  There are so many blessings typically you just overlook.  But when you just seek me first you rise, I can show you so much more than what you naturally would see. The time is short.  My children need to draw close to me. I will show you things that you will know can only be from me. The closer you draw to me the more I will reveal to you.   Yes, my people know the time is near, but I want to show them more detail. If you would act on every prompting so much more could be accomplished not only for my kingdom, but for your family and daily duties. I understand the days which you live.  I also understand the way my children think. Test me, and   take this time. Watch and see you will be more accomplished and clearly blessed when you do this. 

Women of Influence