New Day


My daughter, it’s a new day.  In these times  of trouble look to me .  I will renew you daily with my joy my peace and love. Though this world may seem confused and corrupt look to me.   I will bring fullness and joy in the morning. Though  your children may wander off following the Temptations of this world, I will bring change to them.  There will be new paths to be taken,  new choices to be  made .  I am your God. Do not become self defeated because of what you think you know or of  what you think you are seeing. I am the only one who truly sees the hearts and the minds and the depth of the struggles that are being faced.  know this, I am the only one who can deliver  what problems or circumstances that are at hand. So do not play over and over in your head and your heart the disastrous possibilities , but look to me and speak my life to the situations that consume you and your family. I am the way the truth and the life and through me you shall see wonders, miracles , and lives changed and put back together. But, this time it shall not be a mirror placement.  This structure will be built of strength not just of lessons learned but of penetrated healing and growth. When seeking me in these times of trouble and truly desiring and relying on me , you shall see the unshakable structure embedded with my knowledge and life transformed with my love and peace.

Women of Influence