Guide Me

   Why strive for routine, daughter?  Why not let Me guide your day as I desire.  This is not failure when routine is not obtained.  I work in you and you must heed my promptings, heed my lead.  Rest in Me and let it take place.  Give Me those reigns.  When you allow Me to steer, I will show you my ways and desires.  When I am Captain, I am steering.   Storms will be mowed through with ease.  Satan plans his schemes and traps, but when I am guiding you we just simply go around them.  In these days, it is so necessary for my children to know my voice and my nudges.  So many traps and disasters can be avoided.  Sit with Me, daughters, I desire to be so intimate with you.  I know the troubles of this world I know what each of you go through.  But, when you sit quietly is when you will hear Me clearly.  I am preparing you.  I am showing you myself.  It won’t be long until my return and much work is needed to be done.  Gather daughters…gather together.   Support and love each other. Listen and pray.  My sons lead and provide for their families.  They are strong and provide safety.  But my daughters, I will give you wisdom and a true knowing of myself.  You will be able to nurture and love the unlovable and the broken.  I am multiplying not only by numbers but, by my fruits (spirit).    When you gather you shall see this come.

Women of Influence