Daughter, you say you want to serve me. You say you love me and desire to do right, but then you talk amongst your friends and family of things not of me. You desire to be happy, joyful and full of love, but then do nothing but selfish activities. These will not bring you self fulfillment in fact it will do the complete opposite. Trying to fix areas of your life without including me is not only selfish but complete Idoltry.  You fill your mind with poor negative self talk and then walk in that. If you do not come to me, put me first and ask me to be in the midst of your life, I won’t be! And you will see sadness, oppression, and despair. Keep me first! Look to me, I want to be your everything not just a little part. I want to be your sole  focus. I promise you daughter,  when you look to me instead of to self and man you will see such a drastic change you will be amazed. Daughter you know my abilities.  you know what I am capable of but you still continue on your own path with your own selfish methods of life. I am forewarning you sweet daughter look to me, do not look to worldly advice and Ways. I am the only one who can give you the love, the joy and the peace you are desiring.

Daniel Bryan