My Daughters, how I love you and desire so much for you to love me.  I show you love in so many ways, but you walk by with business in your hearts.  I place things in your path, hoping you would take just a moment for Me , but you continue  to walk  in your business.   These days are so dreary and dark. Sadness and despair are at hand for most.  If you would just seek Me, look for Me, I'm right here trying to get your attention,  but you continue on with your busy schedules.  Remember when you would sit quietly just imagining what your life was going to be like,,, wondering what your future could possibly hold?  That happiness, the dreams, the desires… that was Me, daughters.  I was right there with you placing this beauty in your heart.  Then time moves on.   The life of the world takes hold.  You celebrate, you are with your friends, having parties.  Despair and sorrow begin to come.  Little by little I am out of your sight and worldly ways seem so exciting and fun.  But really it leads only to disaster, betrayal, and then death.  Be wise daughters, do not be tempted.  Do not let excitement of this world  lure  you in.  Stay grounded in my word, and fellowship with others.  When you stay close to Me and allow Me to be your master,  you can abstain from these ways of the world.  Imagine this daughter’s…   Imagine Me standing by, waiting and wanting to walk and communicate with you, but you turn away and sin finds you.  It’s a long road twisting , turning,  taking you places I have never desired you to experience.  But I must stand to the side and allow this.  Please daughters, I  desire you to be filled with joy, peace and love that you can only imagine.  My love for you is so great, if you would just take a moment out of this busy day to let me love you, let me fill your voids, your wounded areas.  You are my garden of flowers and I’m watching you grow, giving you nourishment; giving you sunshine and rain.  Give Me this opportunity to watch you bloom.  You  are so beautiful to Me and I love you so.

Daniel Bryan