My Sweet Daughter

My sweet daughter, you are My beloved, My joy.

When I look at you I see nothing but perfection. I made you so unique and so different from every other. You are so special to Me. Your beauty to Me is beyond what you could even comprehend. I made each talent and each trait to behold My beauty-- for you are created in My image. Your hair, the color, the texture, it was a specific creation for you as is your body, your mind and your soul. I love you so much. Why do you dislike or question what I have created? You criticize yourself and strive for perfection in so many areas. These are the areas which I designed like this for My reason. You insult what I have created, when all I see is My Masterpiece. Every single child of mine is made uniquely different. Every feature was strategically placed. The size, the symmetry it is my design and for you to dislike it hurts me so deeply. To every child of mine you must believe I have made you of pure love and have placed many gifts and talents upon you. Yes, I desire for all my children to care for themselves. But, remember do not allow this to turn to idolatry. For I am the only one true living God. I have made you and I have chosen you. You are My Masterpiece…

Daniel Bryan