Turn to me


My daughter I love when you arise with me on your mind and my praise on your lips.  You, sitting quietly and allowing me to fill you with joy, fill you with my peace .  I am completely in control live your life. I have had all this planned out. The timing, the place, the people. I am so pleased with you. So pleased with the yearning and the desire to search for me.  Your love for me is growing and how I love you. I have been just waiting my daughter I knew you would come.   But the  distractions came and things of this world fill your mind. But you have chosen me to wake to. My smile Beams daughter and I am so proud of who you are becoming. This was my plan all along. To see my children grow and flourish in me makes my heart sing. I know you are feeling my love right now as I speak to you, and the love will continue to grow. I am always with you and always loving you. I don't ever want my children to feel alone or unworthy or useless or that they have no purpose, because I have so much for them. If you would release these burdens of the world to me I will replace all of them with my fullness of joy and love and peace that passes all understanding

Daniel Bryan