My Daughter,

This role you play is very important.  I gave this especially to you.  You were given the maternal gifts.  Your role is just as important and influential as the man (husband).  So do not ever feel as though you are less than you are.  The woman is the peacemaker.  The woman keeps chaos out and brings love and communion into the home.  This is the role I have chosen for her.  A woman is wise and rises above most when needed.  She loves at all times and cares for the home and creates the stable safe environment for her family.  Do not get frustrated when turmoil strikes.  Calmly bring it to Me.  I will take care of this situation.  Remember to remain in peace.  Do not fire off words to your children, which can not be recovered.  The tongue is a weapon for truth and good but, if you are not careful you can cause harm and damage with no repair.  It can bring healing and encouragement but also fire and damnation. So contain your tongue and remember do not be quick to anger and lash out abruptly.  This is not a fruit of Me, but of the evil one.  So when frustration and anger arises and peace is completely absent. Stop!  Come to me.  I will restore this.  For I am your Father I will restore all that has been taken from you. Daughter, you must strive to have self-control. This is a fruit of the Spirit, which is widely struggled with, but when understood and sought after can bring goodness and joy to many.

Daniel Bryan